Admissions Requirements & Deadlines



Admission Requirements
Application Deadlines

Domestic students may submit their Admissions Application to FXUA at any time on a rolling basis. Domestic students can join a semester through the end of the Add/Drop Period.

International Students

Minimum Age Requirement

Any student who is not at least 18 years of age and has not yet received a high school diploma (or its equivalent) from a recognized institution on or before the first day of the semester will not be permitted to enroll in a degree program with Fairfax University of America.

Any student who is not at least 18 years of age but who is a minimum of 16 and has received a high school diploma or its equivalent from a recognized institution must meet the following requirements before enrolling in a program with FXUA.

  • Must complete and submit the Parent/Guardian Minor Consent Form (available in the student’s application portal)
  • Live within commuting distance of FXUA (not to exceed 50 miles)
  • Agree to financially sponsor the student
  • Provide housing for the student while they are under the age of 18

FXUA has the right to request original documentation. Submission of fabricated or false documents will result in immediate dismissal of the application and will disqualify the individual from applying to FXUA in the future. Documents submitted for admissions purposes will not be returned to the applicant.