Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Further your skills to become a leader in the global marketplace by learning to balance the needs of organizations, while also focusing on greater social and environmental responsibility. Students are instructed by distinguished faculty with content area expertise and practical experience, learning to integrate changing human and information resources with continually developing technology, while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit that has always been one of the key characteristics to successful businesses. Students choose among one of three specializations: (a) Finance, (b) International Business, or (c) Marketing.

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Leverage technology and skills in programming to develop information processing systems. Careers in computer science are in high-demand as technology and the need for skilled workers continues to grow. The program provides students with a broad range of computer knowledge and practical skills required in most business and industry areas today.

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Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (BSMIS) prepares qualified graduates to develop, implement and maintain businesses with a foundation in both business operations and information technology practices. Taught by respected practitioners in their respective fields, this interdisciplinary degree focuses on analyzing business issues in a data-driven, evidence-based environment; identifying and leveraging principles in management, organizational behavior, operations, strategy and policy, and entrepreneurship; and developing strong leadership and communication skills while, at the same time, ensuring an ethical business approach.

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Practical Experience

FXUA contributes to the world’s prosperity by equipping its students with the vital skills to address global issues. FXUA provides its students with an affordable and practical education, covering cutting-edge technological innovations to ensure our graduates’ success when they enter the workforce.

World Class Faculty

Fairfax University of America is proud to have subject experts and practicing professionals as its faculty. Our faculty bring real-world experience to the classroom, making the learning experience more enjoyable, but also geared toward the skills that employers are looking for.

Developing as Professionals

Students find that they are given the opportunity to interact with students from other programs and schools as well as meet and network with outside community members through a variety of special events and programs offered on campus.

Our focus is on helping students to develop the professional and content-area skills required for them to excel in their chosen field.

A Global Perspective

Fairfax University of America’s location just outside of Washington, DC provides students with unique opportunities for internships and job placement upon completion of their degree.

We offer a safe and effective space for learning and growth with a global perspective.

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes, diverse student body, innovative educational approach and encourage the exchange of experiences and new ideas to ensure the highest quality education.

You are welcome here

At Fairfax University of America, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed or religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, age, genetics information, physical or mental disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other non-merit factor in the admission to, participation in, or employment in the programs and activities which the University operates.

Students studying at FXUA come from many different cultures, countries, and backgrounds and represent nearly every continent. Studying at FXUA provides students with an exposure to multiple world views in Fairfax’s backyard.