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About School of Education

A Quality Education

FXUA contributes to the world’s prosperity by equipping its students with the vital skills to address global issues.  FXUA provides its students with an affordable and practical education, covering cutting-edge technological innovations to ensure our graduates’ success when they enter the workforce.

Students enrolled in FXUA’s Masters or Graduate Certificate in the School of Education will be ready to successfully apply their understanding of teaching in a variety of educational settings locally, nationally and globally as educators in K-12 settings, post-secondary educational settings, businesses, and non-profit organizations.


Our small class sizes, diverse student body, innovative educational approach and encourage the exchange of experiences and new ideas to ensure the highest quality education. The programs are offered both on-campus in Fairfax, VA and online for students’ convenience.

World Class Faculty

Fairfax University of America is proud to have subject experts and practicing professionals as its faculty.

Amazing Opportunities in the Washington, DC Area

Fairfax University of America’s location just outside of Washington, DC provides students with unique opportunities for internships and job placement upon completion of their degree.

Practical and Modern Instruction

All programs host programmatic advisory boards and remain in regular contact with members in order to ensure that trends in the field are applied in the classroom. With a constant focus on real-world application, the program is able to reflect the latest developments in technology and instruction to provide an unparalleled learning experience.